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Northern Aurora Trapline Tours is pleased to offer a once in a lifetime adventure that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Join us on a trap line tour that will take you back in time to an era that has all but disappeared. You will travel country so wild that few have ever seen it and remains as wild today as it was a hundred years ago.

The trapping industry is one of the oldest in Canada and in the early years was one of the only sources of income for many families. In the fall, many men would leave their families behind and venture to the far remote areas of Northern Canada to prepare for the harsh winter climate and begin their season. Many of these young men by todays standards were only boys and would spend an entire winter “alone in the wilderness”

Travelling the many lakes and rivers by snowshoe or sometimes dog team was extremely dangerous, yet year after year they went and helped forge this very important part of Canadian history. When I asked an old pioneer trapper how a 16-year-old could survive the harsh climate and terrain he simply said “I was damned careful and watched every move I made” even a small injury or mistake could turn deadly.

This trap line in particular was first owned by Fred Callison who moved his family to Canada from the US in 1900. Some of his old cabins can still be seen today nearly a hundred years later. The line was eventually taken over by his son Lynch then purchased by Claude and Lorraine Charrette in 1975 who successfully trapped and developed the area for the next 40 years.

Our Trapline Tours

Our Trapline Tours

Canada Lynx, Wolverine, Pine Marten, Fox, Mink and Wolves will be the main species we will be targeting with our sets. This trap line has amazing populations of all species so you can expect very busy productive days.

The Grey Wolf also known as the Timber Wolf is very abundant on the trap line and there is an excellent chance that you will hear them howling at night. Standing outside on a cold clear night listening to wolves howling is an experience you will never forget and one few people get to experience in the wild.

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The Majestic Scenery

The Majestic Scenery

Northern Canada is very well known for its amazing Northern Lights and the cold winter months are some of the best times to view them. There is nothing quite like being outside and watching this amazing light show. We are always ready and never miss an opportunity to treat our guests to what is surely one of the most amazing spectacles nature has to offer.

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Professional photo credit given to Chris Gale of Northern Photography - Chris Gale is an Award Winning photographer well known for his stunning Wildlife & Nature photography. To view more - please view his Facebook page below.

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